Hitokui Dungeon e Youkoso

Chapter 20 – The Red Crows Fall: Capture

This series is rated MATURE, please make sure you are of age in your jurisdiction before reading.
This series contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes.
You have been warned.

What I bought fro Gustav was a volatile paralysis drug.
It had a small area of effect, so it was meant to be used indoors.
Though it wasn’t meant for outdoor use … the results were great.
It might or might not have been their bad luck, but the remaining two archers that weren’t paralyzed were assaulted to death by the zombies and skeleton archers.
With that done, I dropped down from the roof and administered strong sleeping drugs to everyone immobilized.
Gustav’s paralysis drug had immediate effect but it’s also as quick to wear off.
They would naturally be able to move again in under five minutes, so I could’t waste any time.

“Master! Shiro did everything as told!”
Shiro came rushing at me wagging her tail.
I patted her head and she happily smiled.
“Good girl, let’s give you your reward later. Now help me out. Shiro, there’s a maid girl called Dahlia in the inn’s basement, go see to her. As for the mage … right, let’s bring her to the room in the mines. Without her wand her magic’s going to be restricted for now. I suppose it’ll be safer to gag her”

Around that time, Astarte came back.
Behind her, she had brought along two ugly pig-faced demons.
If I’m not mistaken, those are the demons called orcs …
“Master Elliott, magnificent job. It’s a huge success♪”
“Astarte, those two are?”
Well, there wasn’t really any need to ask.
Astarte had this glossy look on her face.
“The men who were raping the thief became these obedient little ones when I poured magic into them. Since my subordinates are also Master Elliott’s subordinates, please use them whichever way you like”
I had no idea how hard it is to transform two men into demons in under an hour, but well, let’s just be thankful.

“Astarte … can you turn the remaining adventurers into demons like that?”
I can only guess what kind of person this Leader guy is, but turning them into demons and using them is much better than killing them and turning them into zombies.
If possible, I wanted them to augment my fighting strength.
“I see, can I borrow Dahlia and the thief girl Master Elliott turned? It’ll take some time, but I’ll try”
“… I’ll leave it to you Astarte. Now then, lets bring these guys back. … ‹Release›!”
I said the command word and the arm golems in the pit trap released the heavies’ legs.
I then ordered the zombies and orcs to take the men out.

Shiro came back with a cum-stained Dahlia.
Now let’s get back in the dungeon.
… We ended up not letting a single ‘human’ return alive.

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