Hitokui Dungeon e Youkoso

Chapter 21 – The Red Crows Fall: Depraved Ritual

This series is rated MATURE, please make sure you are of age in your jurisdiction before reading.
This series contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes.
You have been warned.

When he came to, he was doing a girl from behind.
He had been in a daze for a while, and couldn’t remember what he had been doing.
But that thought was driven away by the pleasure of sticking his penis inside the wet vagina.

He looked to the side, one of his men was doing Shiro.
Shiro wasn’t crying, her face was painted in joy, she was actively moving her hips on her own.
The woman he was ravishing was a nun.
He had no recollection of her face, but he might’ve seen her somewhere before.
A passionate sobbing, tempting, choking woman.
When he used his strength to grip her buttocks and thrusted his penis, the nun made an alluring moan.
In front of him, two of his other men were skewering the maid girl from the front and back.
The maid girl was stifling her voice, but her face was clearly lively, enduring her pleasure.

And yet, for some reason his men seemed to be covered in strange patterns.
Before he could question it, lustful cries came in from all around, arousing him and making him want to make this woman cry some more.
He turned the woman over and stood up.
He straddled the lightweight woman and her body sought to stick his penis in on her own.
The upper half of her habit was half torn while the lower half had been bared.
The thick bush between her legs were moist.
Letting leak a deflated sigh, she circled her arms around his neck, brought her lips to his nape, and licked.

After relishing it for a while, he suddenly felt his limit.
It took a while for him to register that the beastly roar was his own, but he paid no heed to it and let out a large amount of semen into the nun.

The nun crumbled down, so he threw her away onto the floor.
The nun got up and came toward him on all fours together with the maid, then stood on her knees and began licking his penis.

When he noticed it, Shiro was already in front of him.
For some reason she had a tail, but her face and eyes were that of the White Dogs’ Charlotte.
Shiro turned around and thrusted her buttocks at him, turned to look at him and spread her behind wide with both hands, showing a vagina wet with semen, and enticed him in.

“Come on Legda … come in. Please …”
Letting out a roar, he pulled Charlotte’s buttocks.
He raised her small body and thrusted his penis in.
Her warm vagina, wet with fluid, tightened around him, sending him waves of pleasure.

He came inside Shiro several times and continued.
His vision gradually blurred.
Amid the pleasure, the world began to turn red.


… my head feels heavy, like I was having a hangover.
When I opened my eyes, I realized I was in some kind of building.
The racket next door was really noisy.
The room was rather warm …
“… !?”
Then my memories suddenly rushed in. We had fallen into a trap!
I hurriedly jumped … tried to jump, but then I noticed both my arms were tied.
Looking around, I saw I had been laid down in a bed, with sheets spread out, and a towel.
They at least gave me hospitality … or rather, they understood human norms.
I heard this dungeon master destroyed a village and turned it into a hell crawling with zombies, but the image didn’t match.

I am the magician Thalia, contractor of the spirits of fire, master of the fire salamander.
Right, I remember … but it’s just that, the proof of my contract, the wand that sealed the fire salamander was gone.
I still couldn’t say my body had completely recovered, but at least I wasn’t in a bad condition.
For some reason my body felt warm inside, I might’ve caught a cold.
Considering my state of hunger, it seems I had been out of it for several hours.

Looking around the room’s contents, it looked like one of the chambers inside the mines being repurposed as a room.
I had no idea how they kept this place ventilated but the air wasn’t stale.
There was a small candle placed inside, casting a dim light throughout the room, but since it was the only light source, I couldn’t see the entire room.
But, there’s one thing I could see.
There was a desk and chair ahead of me, and a man sleeping, draped over it.

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