Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 59 – Arina and Rosé’s Joint Struggle

Several more “shadows” appeared on the chapel walls, gradually forming heads, shoulders, four limbs … turning into a human shape almost like a doll.
Then the shadows became gradually more and more defined.
… more of the “fake Yuuki”
But this time, they had no faces, the place where they should’ve had eyes and noses and mouths were flat as if they were wearing featureless masks, though from their attire, physique, and hairstyle they were obviously imitating Yuuki.
They’re increasingly becoming more and more “badly done”
— Still, those things were enough to get on Rosé’s nerves.
There were several of those things in the chapel under the light of the moon.
They swayed and staggered, then simultaneously jumped to attack.
Arina produced grotesque arms from the ground and intercepted the enemy.
Once, twice, the arms flailed, striking the fake Yuukis in the air.
Out of self-interest, seeing this annoying girl as an ally made her seem reliable.
But the enemy’s numbers kept on increasing, rushing onto them one after the other.

Finally, one of them fell upon Rosé.
Rosé had calmed down and readied her sword. She pulled her arm back and imagined an arrow being loosed from a bow.
Like that, she thrusted her blade straight at the enemy.
Attacking just like how her lessons taught her was enough to make the enemy falter, Arina followed up after her. However, each and every one of the enemy was persistent, just when she thought one was down they would get up again. Somehow, they were hard to bring down.
Arina attacked, and Rosé continued after, defending her blind spot.
But the enemy numbered over twenty.
“This isn’t going well”
Arina muttered a complaint.
Concentrating on manipulating the arms, she bent down and put her hands on the floor.
Seeing her defenseless state, Rosé had a thought.

Right now, I might be able to stab her in the back and kill her

If she did then this girl will no longer be able to take away her love for Yuuki.
She could peacefully be in love with him.
Stabbing through the back of the girl in front of her eyes, like an attack pouring down on the enemy, twisting her. Such a vision appeared in her mind, The wicked thought caused desire to run around inside her. One stab through the back isn’t enough. She could stab through the spine, too. She won’t die from just that anyhow. To rain down violent attacks when she flinched. Imagining Arina frightened in a sea of blood, begging for mercy made her feel refreshed. Once she had declared she won’t come close to Yuuki ever again, she would land the finishing blow in the name of Rosé Vosne-Romanée Grand Cru Ivan. There were plenty of charges against her. This is delivery of justice. Huhu♪

That’s right. I will be releasing Yuuki from this monster.

Thinking that, her cheeks became looser.
The Rosé who was playing the saint a few days before would never think of something like this.
But now that she had overcome various difficulties, she could do it.
Rosé raised her sword in her sadistic madness, and was right about to execute the plan. — but, hold on.
She thought, if she did that then she would have to face the cavalry on her own, and stopped. Also, just by killling Arina will cause Yuuki to be deeply saddened.
Rosé clicked her tongue. This won’t do.
— First she must somehow destroy the relationship between the two somehow.
At any rate, she should for now take note that even the seemingly invincible Arina couldn’t handle too large numbers. This was not the time, but let’s continue on and find out her weak points.

“Hold on Rosé. We’re short on literal hands here”
While it’s unclear whether or not she noticed Rosé’s plan, Arina asked for help.
“I’m only going to be holding you back, you know”
“Not necessarily. Yell into the E:ID phone. Say the skill name, ‘Dancing Chainsaw'”

Light suddenly appeared from the E:ID.
It covered Rosé’s body as if carressing her, and finally transformed the sword she was holding.
A hilt made up of a box-shaped machine. Two rod-shaped handles, one handle pointing straight at Rosé and a grip laid horizontally. They seem to be meant for holding in either hand. The body-length blade was furnished with a row of countless small fang-like bladelets from the base, the ridge, to the tip, and then back the other ridge to the other base. It looked like the saws carpenters use.
But it strangely seemed used. It looked like it had been splashed with liquid, seemingly having rust and stains on the entire blade. As a weapon, it looked like it should’ve been maintained better …
When Rosé noticed, she was already wearing an apron over her dress.
It was a black, lustrous apron made out of boiled leather.

“Um … what is this?”
“What else? It’s a chainsaw”
Just saying the name won’t tell me anything
To the bewildered Rosé, Arina said.
“Have you seen Tobe Hooper’s ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’?”
What’s with the ominous name? Is it a painting or a play or something?
“No, I haven’t,” answered Rosé. Arina then flashed her a grin.
“Let’s watch it together next time. It’s a wonderful show”


Suddenly, Rosé’s weapon made a groaning noise.
By magic or some other power, the small bladelets began moving, running around the blade at high speed, so powerful it seemed like it would cut even its wielder. Holding the grip that felt like it was going to pop her shoulder off, Rosé attacked.
Rosé raised a shrill scream, but was unable to let go of the cursed weapon.
Rather, if she unhanded the thing right now, her body will be torn to shreds!
The frail girl was unable to control the weapon’s movements, and she was inevitably dragged around totteringly by it. It was like she was riding on a runaway horse.
If she didn’t pay attention, she might cut her leg.
“What the hell is this!! Make it stop, please make it stop!!”
It was all she could to control her weapon, but she was in the middle of a fight.
The enemy rushed in, aiming at Rosé.
The chainsaw immediately turned their way and stuck into the enemy’s gut. The countless bladelets relentlessly churned its innards, and with a wet, sploshing, squelching sound, spurts of blood and meaty bits soaked Rosé’s apron. The enemy spasmed violently, but finally its upper body was split from its lower.
She thought she was somewhat used to viscerally uncomfortable scenes, but this was too much.
And she did it with her own hansd! Rosé felt her heart constrict.
Played by the murder instrument, Rosé stepped to look for the next enemy against her will.
The sound of Rosé’s screaming and the enemy’s meat being stirred filled the room.
“Looks like you’re getting used to the dance”
Arina had moved to a safe place at some point, roaring with laughter seeing Rosé repeated her murders while being played around by the machine. Rosé felt her anger rise.

I knew I should’ve killed her!

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  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    New movie title or maybe anime title: Yandere and Chainsaw

  3. Chainsaw (check)
    A princess or something similar (check)
    Apron change to frilly cute pink costume
    Fight inhuman creature (check)
    Somehow this make remember certain necromancer who transform to “MASOU” shoujou lel

      1. The me that called but charming and lovely?
        Yobumonoshi wo watashi ha dakedo chamingu de raburi!

      2. Just glad it isn’t Yuuki who transform it will be terrible for second coming of strongest Cross dress Zombie

  4. A princess that use apron and chainsaw… check
    A necromancer that use a gauntlet… check

    Next is a vampire ninja that use leaf sword and terrible at cooking….

    1. Vampire ninja……
      And isn’t the princess a bad cook?

      Also I was expecting arina to play around with the princess more like making her body able to shapeshift like a couple of aliens I know from another series….who doesn’t love the darkness?

      1. This talk about certain zombie “MASOU shoujou” LN since the necromancer already filled we only need another parody for certain S leaf ninja who no matter what she cook it becomes one hit KO food

    2. Arina hasn’t used a gauntlet though, or wears any armor…she’s just been wearing maid’s clothes lately while killing.

  5. She tried to kill Arina oooooooooooohhhhh shit i think arina was just acting like she did not know rose u are messing with a woman u dont wont to fuck with

  6. I find this funny, In one corner we have Rose, who became a true pure Yandere in the most typical sense of the word, then Mist, who is extreame ends of Deredere.

    Then there is Arina, the fusion of both, all the crazy / psychopathy of Rose, but the pure dedication of Mist. She is the Yanderedere, the first and greatest of her kind…


  7. thx for the chap and
    I NEED MOAR!!!!!
    by the way this yandere harem is the best

  8. hmm is this a thing were guys with yuuki as their name get yanderes and the really brutal types too?

    1. There’s this manga where the protagonist is called Yukiteru and the heroine Yuno, in which Yuki is a timid asshole and Yuno is a yandere. It’s titled Uwakoi and it’s basically about debauchery without much else.

  9. Face it Rosé…You’d never, NEVER be able to catch Arina off guard, never mind killing her…not happening.

  10. Am I the only one that doesn’t find chainsaws badass? I always think about how un efficient they are as weapons since they can easily get tangled with fabric and become unusable.

    That said, this was cool. I can see a twisted friendship-rivalry blooming. I mean, twisted as it may be, it can’t be helped, given the people in question.

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