Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha

Chapter 60 – Like the Chicken that Day

Overhead above the spreading sight of RosΓ© and the machine blade massacring their enemies.
There was a shadow leaning on the cross of the cathedral, peeking at the situation inside.
“Say, me. It turned out to be something incredible.”
“Yes, I’m surprised too”
Patting her own silver hair shining under the moonlight, she talked to herself.
Chaser. The young girl who watched Arina’s group at the Isky residence.
Unlike her maid-clothed look back at the Isky residence, she was now wearing commoner clothes.
“Look. I said so didn’t I?
The Dry County of Yuuki was going to be useless because it was half-baked.
But I can’t get close to Yuuki. There’s Arina, and RosΓ©, and Mist.
Arina’s scary, isn’t she. No RosΓ©’s scarier.
Eh? I’m pretty sure Arina’s scarier.
But how did the Dry Counties get so easily …”


As she had her attention on the situation below, Chaser’s face grimaced noticing the sudden danger.
Wings of shadow grew out of her back and struck back the incoming knife.
“That chainsaw, it’s a weapon I borrowed from the god of my world”
Another young girl floated down onto the roof.
It was Arina.
Leaving RosΓ© to rampage, she used the chance to come and see the situation over here.
“Since you’ve done so much, I thought I should come see what kind of person you are. Turns out that a gloomy girl talking to herself is the criminal?”
Arina looked down on her.


She snorted.
Chaser’s eyebrow twitched.
“You were sneering at me just now …!”
The jet black wings expanded and swooped onto Arina like a sword.
“Don’t make fun of the one I love!”
“I, kind of don’t get what you’re on about”
Arina easily dodged it, but Chaser’s face looked angry as if she did not expect it.
“Damn you … don’t dodge!! β€” wait!!”
Chaser was about to launch the next strike, but was stopped by her own left hand.
“Let’s calm down. If we finished off Arina now, our dream won’t come true.
But, but, she made fun of me … she’s making fun of me for being together with me!”
“Yes, I’m angry too, but, let’s endure it for now. Nobody understands how I am, I know that, right?”
“Hmm,” Arina observed her trying to persuade herself.
“I do know of a young lady split personality in old Europe, but … this is a little different, it seems”
“Because I’m me and nobody else”
“Well, doesn’t matter”
Arina shrugged her shoulders.
Then she said while looking with eyes that froze anyone who saw her.

“You will pay for doing something so foolish as making a fake of Yuu-kun. β€” and if you love yourself so much then go inside the same tomb together!!”

Purple sparks erupted from Arina’s fist, rushing onto Chaser’s body.
Chaser flew into the sky, barely dodging them.
“I’m not a match for Arina. I understand …!”
“Like I’ll let you run you two-mouthed woman!! … kya!?”
Arina jumped up to pursue her, but shrieked from a surprise attack.
Someone was coiled up around her leg.
“You, let go …!!”
Arina delivered a punch to their face, but they let out a “gya” sound like a chicken and released her leg. Chaser used the chance to run to the skies.
Judging that she’s out of her grasp with a glance, Arina clicked her tongue and guarded against the new enemy.

“I don’t want you to go, Arina …”

Dripping blood from their nose, the new enemy slowly stood up.
Looking at them, Arina’s eyes widened.
“Ummβ€”. You’re ‘senpai‘, aren’t you?”
She was the girl who took care of Arina as the senpai when she was acting as a maid in the Isky residence.
Also the victim who instructed Arina to finish off the chicken and lost consciousness from the way she did it.
“My name is Treyte. Please remember”
Arina became more and more bewildered by the entrance of the unexpected person, but this wasn’t the time to be.
“I’d love to have a touching reunion with you, but I’m busy. … If you get in my way any more you will pay with your life”
“Don’t wanna, don’t leave me behind!”
Treyte seemed like she had finally lost it, she was hot on Arina’s heels.
With cold eyes, Arina said

“I warned you”

Her upper half was cut with a shining sword and was tossed into the sky.
Fresh blood danced in the moonlight.
“Sheesh,” said Arina in annoyance.
Then she immediately changed her attention and was about to go after Chaser when …

“β€” wonderful”

She stopped in her tracks.
She turned around and saw a different ‘Treyte’ than the one she just tossed away standing there.
She had both hands over her cheeks, looking somehow enraptured.
“Blood soaked Arina, Arina who throws away my life with cold eyes. Under the light of the moon, so so beautiful β€”. Now, do me next … guhh!!”
A grotesque hand gouged Treyte’s torso.
Treyte died.


“Uhuhuhu, Arina is really wonderful”
“She kills me with such ease”
“Like that chicken”
“But I think I want to be killed directly this time”
“Killer Arina, I’m addicted by your beauty …” 1
The Treytes that crawled out of the woodwork swarmed around Arina. They then praised Arina’s killing them with faces of ecstasy, pestering her to kill them next.
Of course, even Arina was a little startled by that display.
“So you’re the so-called Dry Counties, are you”
As she said that, one of the Treytes nodded.

That’s right. This way, even if it’s over once I’m killed, I can still see Arina who killed me even after being killed lots and looooooots of times”






β€» Several hours beforehand.

After the incident at the Isky residence, Treyte who had been working there resigned along with the leaving of the other maids. The reason was because the fear of Arina would come back and even render her immobile from time to time.

Since she had no relatives, she started by looking for a job at the castle town.
Soon afterwards, she found a live-in job as a warehouseman’s assistant.
However, it turned out to be the hideout of the gangsters, Dob Locke brothers’ hideout.
Without knowing that, Treyte was rudely welcomed by them.
Though she wasn’t on the receiving end of direct violence because of the employment contract, the job of a servant was harsh. Cleaning up after their scraps, picking up the trash lain all over the place, and preparing their food, all while being showered by verbal sexual harrassment.
If I knew it was going to be like this I should’ve quietly stayed at the Isky house

… no, she couldn’t stay there anymore.
She wasn’t confident she could still have the will to live under the constant torment of the nightmares.

Arina. Chicken-tearing Arina. Blood-bathed Arina. If-you-don’t-do-what-I-say-you’ll-be-next Arina. Arina who’ll tear my head off like the chicken. Arina who’ll lift up my head and laugh. Arina, Arina, ARINA …

“Oi, what’s wrong”

The voice of a gang member calling her out startled her.
Preoccupied with trauma, she had inadvertently stopped moving.
Sweat ran along her forehead. The face of Arina smiling while drenched in blood won’t disappear.
“Yer lookin horrible there. Who the hell drugged the girl!”
“Naw, is she preggers? Oi I told you not to rβ€»pe her!”
“Idiot, she’s not a frog. She can’t get knocked up so fast!”
The men laughed as they talked insensitively.

β€” knock knock.

They had a visitor. Wiping her face, she moved to do her job as the servant.
“No, stay back”
One of them ordered her to the back room.
She didn’t really understand, but Treyte was probably in no shape to be dealing with visitors.
Taking that explanation, she went to the back room.

She heard the death screams right away.
What the girl saw when she turned back was a man’s head being knocked against the ceiling.
“N … no way …”
This isn’t possible, she shouldn’t be here.
Persuading herself, Treyte closed the door and watched from a crack between the boards.

The nightmare was swinging a longsword around, causing chaos.

[Now, it’s time for garbage disposal. I’ve prepared lots of trash bags so you can all die with peace of mindβ™ͺ]

Arina said that and twisted a rushing man, killing him.
She caught a fleeing man, killing him.
Just the same as the chicken that day, Arina repeatedly killed the men without a shred of regret, in fact, she seemed to rather enjoy the job.
Treyte suppresed a fearful scream, watching the scene as she kept herself from being seen …

“β€” beautiful β€””

She muttered, then she noticed it. While on the one hand Treyte was tortured by fear, she was on the other hand violently fascinated by that fear; the shock of the unknown, and the strange expectation of danger.

Arina who was killing and killing the brawny men was beautiful.

She was bewitching, the way she artfully swung the sword. Such a dangerous cuteness.
Her fear toward Arina didn’t disappear, it was in fact the other way around. Her fear swelled like a snowball. As a flip side to her thoughts, dulled from being engulfed in fear, Treyte was clearly aroused.
Her cheeks flushed. Her breathing became ragged. Her forehead was drenched in sweat.
Kill more. Arina, show me more blood, muttered Treyte. She watched from the crack as if enraptured, taking in the scene like an onlooker happening upon the scene of a sex crime.
“If I went out now, I, I’ll also … Haah, haah … . Ehehehe. I, I wonder if she’ll put me in with them …?”
Her heart sprung up imagining that. Drool dripped out of her sloppily open mouth. She wiped it with her sleeves.
The end of her life will become Arina’s work of art.
Ah, but it was no use. She was scared. She was afraid to end it like that.
Sighing at her own cowardliness, Treyte watched Arina’s show until it was over.






“After that Chaser appeared and collected the gangster body bags Arina threw away. Dry County material, she says”
One of the Treytes triumphantly recited the story with passionate eyes on Arina.
“I jumped at it right awayβ€ˆβ€¦”
“Because there can be this many of me!”
“Because I can have Arina kill me again and again”
“Say, isn’t this enough talk?”
“I, I can’t hold back anymore … hurry and kill me next!”
“Like the chicken that day”
“Like the chicken that day”
“Like the chicken that day”
“Like the chicken that day”

The maddened Treytes pointed their knives at Arina. They took a breath and said.

“”” If you wanted a reason to kill me “””
“”” Then I’ll give you plenty!!! “””

“… ugh …”
Faced with the mass off … no the one crazed fan of hers, Arina was rattled.
“She’s, a little, scary …”

How ironic.
The Treytes that craved the fear of Arina scared her more than anyone else.

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